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*** Turn your phone into the perfect study companion with FlashCards ***

Learn languages faster, prep for exams anywhere, teach your kids anytime, even test yourself with fun trivia. Download from our library of 800+ hand selected Editor's Picks. Gain direct access to millions of Quizlet.com cards or import from Flash Card Exchange, ProProfs, StudyStack, CSV, and more. Parents: kids love learning the alphabet or math tables. Challenge them with our Trivia, Fun, and Children's Sets.

NEW: FlashCards get's Audio Recording!

FlashCards also utilizes webOS’s unique ability to multi-task. Now you can jam to your music while you study! FlashCards supports Slacker Radio, RadioTime, Pandora, AccuRadio, Music Player (Remix) and the default Palm Music Player.

Flash Cards are perfect study aids for the following:

FlashCards LITE

FlashCards LITE is available for you to try out, and it's free! Download it from the App Catalog.

This version will install with 7 Demo sets for you to try out. You may download anything you like from the Online Tools, but must delete all sets before you can install a new one. It is limited to haveing 1 single set installed at a time.

Further more, Leitner Boxes, Lessons, and Active Cards study methods have been disabled. You can still create lessons, activate cards, and the Right/Wrong options will move cards into the proper boxes, but you cannot choose one of these methods of study.

You can still jam to your tunes! Full customization with the preferences, you enjoy the same Online Tools featureset, and all the other wonderful features of the Paid Application.

FlashCards v2.0 Features


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